Programs that support wholebeing

Prasada programs go beyond information delivery. They get people thinking, engaged, empowered and inspired. They are conversations.

Your people bring challenges and a desire for solutions to manage stress, be more focused, get stronger, live a life of purpose and joy.

We provide research, exercises, stories, strategies, skills and the right questions to build on what works. Each person may be starting at a different place. We are their guides to help each one begin on their own unique journey—a path of wholebeing practices—so they can thrive.

Our programs are organized around 6 different themes.

Which areas interest your team?



Our programs provide a wide variety of options for your variety of needs.

  • Intensives:  4 hour Intensives go in depth with the content, research and studies with more time for individual and small group exercises.
  •  6 Week Trainings: Weekly program to introduce,  begin and support a wholebeing practice as a new life habit. Includes At-home practices and supporting tracking tools.
  • Wholebeing Workshops: Interactive workshops to explore wholebeing practices in over 36 different topics. Individual and small group exercises and time to experience multiple practices during the program. Offered onsite on online.
  • Classes: Yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, walking and resistance band training classes for a multi-week or single session for a health fair, team meeting or special event.
  • Wholebeing Practice Builder /Challenge Programs: Custom designed, multi-week programs delivered via email with links to audio practices to build mind body wholebeing practices.
  • Bodywork: Including chair massage, acupuncture and Reiki.

Give us a call to learn more. We’d love to begin a conversation with you.

“ Prasada meets people where they are. They are totally at ease with our buttoned-up lawyers. ”