Programs that support health

Prasada wholebeing programs go beyond talk to get people moving, active, and inspired to do more.

  • Active, engaging programs, not just lectures and handouts.
  • Wellness professionals who understand your organization’s culture.
  • Communication materials build participation and support the HR team.
  • Custom-fit to your needs:
    • Time: From 15 minute breaks to hour-long classes to one-on-one coaching
    • Space: Conference room, private offices, outdoors and more
    • Continuity: Quarterly, monthly, weekly, or one program at a time


Live Great Workshops

Interactive experiences onsite or online. An ideal way to “try out” Prasada.

  • Yoga @ Work: The Science Behind Why Yoga is Good for the Body and the Brain
  • The Brain @ Work: New Research about Your Mind and How it Works
  • The Energy Game: How to Find New Energy and Stop Your Energy Drains
  • Good Stress/Bad Stress: Simple Ways to Harness Stress and Make it Work for You
  • Inside/Outside: How to Create a Work Environment That Promotes Wellbeing, Vitality and Success
  • Find out more

Movement Classes

Perfect for busy professionals. Classes offered onsite at your offices.

Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness training enhances engagement and productivity.

  • In-office classes
  • Simple techniques to practice
  • Exploration of the science
  • Find out more

Special Events

Tailored to fit your company’s challenges and opportunities

  • Interactive Day
  • Custom Workshops
  • Ongoing programs
  • One-time events
  • Find out more

“ Prasada meets people where they are. They are totally at ease with our buttoned-up lawyers. ”