Spring Clean Yourself!

by Alice Dommert
April 8, 2014
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Spring has started to make its long awaited debut here in the Philadelphia area and there is a palpable and lively energy in the air. People are out and about jogging, meandering in parks, planting beautiful flowers, and basking in the sunlight. There’s a lot of excitement this time of year as we break out of hibernation and move into the world.

Sometimes, this time of year can have its problems as well. You might be feeling a bit more sluggish than usual, or have a cold you just can’t shake. Your digestion might be off and you feel like you have a layer of winter that you need to shed.

We talk a lot about spring cleaning our houses, so what about spring cleaning your main home: your body! I study and teach the living art and science called Ayurveda and cleansing at the seasonal changes of Spring and Fall is a staple of this practice. It’s the perfect time to check in with your current mind-body health and up your healthy habits and fix what’s no longer working for you. You might not have time or energy to do a long and in-depth cleanse, so here is a way to do your own weekend mini-cleanse:

Weekend Mini-Cleanse

  1. Underwhelm your digestion. When picking out your foods think: simple, clean, and fewer ingredients. For example, my favorite cleansing breakfast is this warm, spiced apple bowl. It takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare and is grounding and good for your colon! Take your largest meal at lunch, as that’s when your digestive fire is the brightest. Enjoy a light soup with veggies for dinner, sometime before the sun sets.
  2. Simplify your Schedule. It’s time to create space to breathe and reflect. Clear your calendar of any unnecessary tasks. Use your extra time to prepare your meals mindfully, connect with friends, do some deep cleaning of your house, dive into those creative projects that have been gathering dust in your closet…have fun and spend your time doing things that make you happy!
  3. Move it! Plan out times to do some gentle yoga, go for a walk, move your body for at least 20 minutes and break a sweat! It’s important not to overdo it and workout to exhaustion, but it’s important to get things moving!
  4. Rejuvenate mind and body. Treat yourself to a professional massage or DIY at home. Grab a bottle of almond or coconut oil and warm it up (not too hot!) Massage every inch of your body with the warm oil and let it sit on your skin for up to 20 minutes. This is an amazing practice that helps to ground and nourish you.

Enjoy your weekend of self-care and cleansing. Everyone will comment how you glow when you return to work on Monday!

Be Well,
Meg Townsend
deliver me wellness yoga team
e-ryt500, ayurvedic yoga specialist

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