Intensive, active events to enhance office wellbeing

Your 20-60 minute Workshop fits into the workday and your corporate culture to help employees understand and reduce stress, regain energy, and make healthier choices.

Workshops are an ideal way to:

  • Assess employee interest in a range of topics
  • Jump-start your wellbeing programs
  • Add energy to conferences, team building days and your corporate culture

Programs can be custom-created, or selected from our list of dozens, including:

  • Yoga @ Work — An introductory one-time version of our ongoing yoga programs.
    • Poses you can do in your chair or standing at your desk
  • Good Stress/Bad Stress — Simple ways to harness stress and make it work for you
  • Breathing techniques, stretches to regain calm and clarity
  • The Energy Game — How to find new energy and stop energy drains
  • Exercise, contests and prizes
  • The Brain @Work — New research about your brain and how it works
  • Learning why and how physical wellbeing improves mental sharpness
  • Inside/Outside — How to Create a Work Environment That Promotes Wellbeing, Vitality and Success
  • How biophilic design principles can “reawaken” your senses, your brain and your success

Every program is taught by a professional in the field, selected to match your corporate culture.