Biophilic Design

Bringing the benefits of nature into the work environment

Millions of years of evolution perfectly suited humans to live and work outside. We need nature in a deep and fundamental fashion. Prasada helps you develop work spaces that fill that need and promote wholebeing and productivity.

We offer small and large-scale solutions:

  • Establishing terrariums on desks, plants, and hanging images of nature
  • Bringing natural light into more spaces
  • Developing 5-year plans to progress to greener, more natural environments

Services include:

  • Programs that engage employees in the biophilic upgrades of their own spaces
  • Design and specification of biophilic enhancements
  • Integration of biophilic, ergonomic, and economic mandates company-wide

We work with leaders in the field of biophilia as well as bringing our own core team to your projects.