What color are your glasses

by Alice Dommert
May 6, 2014
Mindfulness, Yoga

Hello and welcome to May! Always one of the busy months as we shift seasons and begin to anticipate the end of some activities and the beginning of other activities. At any moment in time we are experiencing one set of activities, reminiscing on another and planning for what’s next.

At any moment in time we also can be experiencing pleasant and unpleasant activities and experiences. Your back may be hurting, and it may be the most beautiful day outside. These contrasts of life, the interweaving of them, can feel like whiplash or like waves on the beach. Coming in and going out, a constant rhythm in life of ups and downs.

It’s part of a rhythm that is so much bigger than we are, and a cycle that we are just a tiny part, a cycle that is out of our control. We do, however, choose what color glasses to wear to view this rhythm—and life.

Wherever you look you can see pain and suffering, inequality and dysfunction. You can see hatred and bad luck, despair and sadness. It’s all there. In the same frame you can also see great love, joy, beauty, compassion and empathy. You can see determination, magnanimity, and fortitude in people who keep holding on to what is good and equitable.

How do you decide which glasses to wear? The body is a chemistry equation and when you are stressed those dark murky glasses get stuck in place and make it hard to see anything good. The chemical constitution and imbalance of stress and fear make it almost impossible to view things in any other way.

A mind body practice of yoga or mindfulness keeps that chemical system in check and stress at a manageable level so you can find the rose colored glasses to see clearly there are inequities but also so much good. When we see only the dark, we can’t make any change for the better.

Which glasses will you choose today?

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Alice Dommert
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Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

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