collecting colors

by Alice Dommert
September 22, 2015
Biophilic Design

I’ve always been fascinated by colors. On occasion there was that question “What is your favorite color?” I could never quite answer it with any degree of certainly. Sky blue, orange, red, violet, coral? There were just too many that touched me in different ways. Was I limited to one favorite color? As I grew older I began to notice the colors of the seasons, my preference for seasons and the associated moods that go with each color and season.

leavesWe all have favorites that we can identify with enjoyable experiences. Other times we associate colors, consciously or consciously, with events or periods of time that were difficult.

I’ve been telling myself that I prefer spring and summer for many years. The warmer weather is my favorite with the delicacy of spring colors, bright yellow daffodils, beautiful blue-speckled birds eggs and brilliant green new leaves that ripen into black-eyed susans. Summer has deep green zucchinis and rich purple eggplants. Fall colors intensify with plump pumpkins, lovely red and orange leaves and rich browns as things settle. As the leaves fall life drops to the ground preparing for winters rest. With winter’s whites it is as if the season washes the palette clean. Almost as if the world were a canvas being primed again for a new painting. Perhaps every season offers something needed for the full experience?

The reality for the near future is that I live on the East Coast and we will have winter, with all its cold temperatures and ice and snow. While I’ve framed it in the past as not-my-favorite-season, I seem to have missed that winter brings a prism of crisp winter blues, whites and silver. I like those colors.

What if I just looked at winter as an adventure through another segment of life’s color wheel?

Today I’m choosing to step in the colors of fall. As each leaf drops I’ll scoop up its warm robust color and store it somewhere inside. I just might need it as a spot of color to contrast the beautiful winter blues.

What beautiful fall color will you collect today?

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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