Pyramids and Sand

by Alice Dommert
March 12, 2018

I love the beautiful photo of the woman above in pyramid pose. For her it appears so easy. My body will never make that shape, not in this life. While there is not doubt that my shin is worth a tiny kiss, it is just not going to happen. There are however some hidden treasures in the path toward this pose that are worth exploring for me and for you.

Pyramid pose is all about hamstrings and shoulders, both very tight parts of my body. When I practice this pose, I don’t think about pyramids, I think about grains of sand. With pyramids on my mind, I become an architect planning the steps and flying off to the future. That is not necessarily bad if I am asked to design a pyramid. While practicing yoga it works out better to stay with my body and where I am right now.

If I go to the smallest scale, pyramids are just grains of sand coming together. When I set myself up in my shape and version of this pose, I can see what I have to work with, the materials at hand. With a focus on grains of sand, I approach my tight hamstrings and shoulders with more compassion.

I could try and press through,(and I have done that!) but I’ve learned that my body will resist. When I take a breath and imagine a soft breeze flowing over those tight spots something magical happens. I can feel the grains of my body shifting and softening to surrender.

Your shape in this pose is not what matters, how you feel is the true treasure, when the grains of breath become space inside your body. It is a way of saying yes, to your breath, your body and the joy of this precious moment of your life.

Bit by bit we’ll build that beautiful pyramid together.


Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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