nature at your desk

by Alice Dommert
July 29, 2014
Biophilic Design, Ergonomics, Yoga

Have you ever really calculated how much time you spend at your desk or at your work environment? What are you staring at beside your computer screen? What’s around you? Clutter, stacks of papers, to do lists? Pictures of your family or a favorite place you love to go?

What about nature? Is it around you? I recently moved and set up my desk right in front of a huge picture window that overlooks some woods. I have a beautiful tree in the foreground that greets me every day and is a backdrop to my computer screen. It has been glorious to have this expanse of view and space reminding me that the real world is really out there and not inside the electronic box that sits on my desk.

The other addition to my workspace has been a terrarium. Yes, a terrarium. I have been making these with my children and they are wonderful little living sculptures that are magical. These miniature plants and moss and beautiful glass enclosures have made me incredibly happy. To have this little mini ecosystem right at my desk is so calming. Better yet, the closed top terrariums do not require watering!

Shopping for plants at places like Terrain, is a treat in itself with all the many beautiful things there. Often we underestimate the power of beautiful things in our lives and lose the ability to wonder as we become adults. While many of the things in our lives need to be functional, having beauty and wonder is also one of the elements we need, not to survive, but to thrive. (Remember I am Alice so I love fantastical worlds and imagining getting larger or smaller to inhabit them!)

Glancing at these tiny environments during the days I am at my desk gets me grounded instantaneously. It’s like a little mini respite that soothes me and makes me smile. Making these has even engaged my teenagers and given us a new hobby to share together which is a feat in itself.

What do you have at your desk that makes you instantaneously grounded and wonder filled? What soothes and calms you and helps you thrive?

Find something to bring into your work environment that can do that for you this week. Stay posted for more about our terrarium –making adventures.

Be well,

Alice Dommert
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