Being Flexible

by Alice Dommert
June 24, 2018

We’re at that time of the year where things shift from the “regular” routine to the summer schedule. That can mean more time at the beach, a new routine for your children or some returning college students who will be with you for a few weeks.

When the schedule changes, it can be a nice shift if you like warmer weather and have been yearning to be outside more. For others, the summer heat is not so welcomed. I love summer and had many years where the rest of the seasons were the ugly stepsisters compared to summer. But summer is just a few weeks…so that left a feeling of discontent the other 40 plus weeks.

Looking back I wonder why I would set that situation up for myself? Why paint that many days with the background color of my dislike, always pining away for my “favorite” season?

Flexibility is one of the three significant areas of physical benefits of yoga. (Strength and balance are the other two.) Yet, flexibility of body spreads well beyond the ease of joints and relaxed muscles. Flexibility means being able to open beyond our own limited beliefs and opinions. I can LOVE summer and also now see that the fall has its own beauty. I’ve even stretched myself and found the delight in winter.

Flexibility is the ability to wonder and question the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves every day. Flexibility is the ability to consider the opposite of what we might believe…what if I told myself winter was my favorite season and softened to what that might mean for me?

Being flexible is the awareness to see where you are at this moment, accept that AND know that anything can happen and many things are uncertain. Being flexible is feeling okay, even excited about not knowing. It is being at ease and trusting the flow and rhythms of life. It’s worth the practice.

This week I recommend¬†Adriene’s Yoga for Flexibility. It’s a great 16-minute routine, mostly floor work and great for the end of the day or a beautiful quiet morning practice.

I’d love to hear how yoga may have added some added flexibility to your life. Send me a note and I’ll share your story.

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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