Being a Sleep Detective

by Alice Dommert
November 6, 2018
Wholebeing, Yoga

These next two weeks we’re going to go with the energy of the fall season and focus on that desire to become a cat and curl up and sleep.

Sleep is a sensitive subject and varies person to person. The general recommendation is 7 hours of sleep. While it seems easy to say get more sleep, there may be a whole variety of reasons as to why you are not getting enough sleep.

Sleep has been measured state by state showing what the added risks are for people getting less than 7 hours of sleep and also the reasons. Check these out for Pennsylvanians. If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, you can look here to find your state.

You know I hold a let’s look at what’s working philosophy, however, the above data seems relevant to being a sleep detective this week. We are gathering information. As you can see getting more sleep can be a BIG factor in your overall health and wholebeing.

What does it mean to be a sleep detective? It means doing two things; getting curious and gathering data on what’s happening for YOU.

As I searched for sleep logs I liked this one from the National Sleep Foundation because there were things to record when you wake up and when you go to sleep. It takes just a few minutes each day.

I’ve been recording my sleep the last two weeks, on my own but am using this log this week. The idea is not to try and change anything. Simply fill in the log and record what is happening.

Let’s see what we can uncover.

P.S. So you want a bit about sleep this week? 

Yoga has a special treat related to sleep. Yoga Nidra

It’s a form of extended yoga sleep or savasana (the rest part at the end of the yoga class.) It’s widely touted that 45 minutes of a yoga nidra guided meditation feels like three hours of regular sleep.

Sound like you want to give it a try? I love this 10 minute guided Yoga Nidra Meditation by Elana Bower. Also, if you’ve tried meditation and fallen asleep yoga nidra may be the way for you to get started.

Also, Adriene has a very sweet bedtime yoga practice.

Yoga For Bedtime - 20-Minute Practice with Adriene
Yoga For Bedtime –
20-Minute Practice with Adriene

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

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