Back in the saddle for fall

by Alice Dommert
August 29, 2018

Here we are. Back in the saddle for fall. As we say goodbye to summer, the collective energy across the country gets focused back on work. This span of time ahead of us is one of the longest stretches with no universal holidays. There are 11.5 weeks until Thanksgiving, but who’s counting.

Actually, I am counting and I know that it’s easy to get swept up in the energy of fall and get swept under the tide of work. The intensity builds because naturally some of the projects that were able to float a bit during the summer months now have fall deadlines and are full speed ahead. It can feel like a huge wave that has been building quietly out at sea is now about to come crashing down.

What might be different this fall?
How might you manage when that wave threatens your wellbeing?
How to stay grounded and calm?
How to stay in a place of joy and abundance?

Here are three practices to stay afloat and well this fall.

# 1. Is this my work
The first is a key question from a wise teacher that has saved me over the last few years. Sometimes it is easy to get excited about a new project or helping a friend or colleague at work and take on too much. Sometimes it’s just pressure to say yes. Things may start out exciting and fresh, fun and well intended, or you may have an uneasy feeling from the start.  Either way, you begin to feel crunched for time and you get short-tempered and cranky. It feels bad.

In the past, I have been unwilling to admit when I am at capacity. Or I have wanted to think I am superwoman. This question, “Is this MY work?” has helped. I’ve dug deep. Is this something only I can do? And why EXACTLY am I getting involved, offering my time and talents? Am I really committed to this work? Is it my responsibility or can I delegate effectively to someone else on my team?

When I have asked that question to see why I am getting overbooked and overwhelmed there have been wonderful discoveries. Sometimes the work is my work and I figure out how to do my best. Other times I’ve realized that I was trying to be the hero, the fixer or my over-achiever pattern was in full swing. The question has helped to keep things balanced and to prioritize what really matters.

#2. Continuing to get outside
It’s easy to be outside in the summer, the sun and warmth are so appealing. As the temperatures begin to drop and the daylight begins to wane and your schedule gets filled it is hard to find time to be outside. But study after study shows that being outside is calming, grounding and has multiple benefits. Fall is a great time to hike and explore local parks and trails nearby.

When I’m outside I’m usually walking and noticing the beauty of the world around me. I’m focusing on abundance and beauty and that is shaping my mind and my body. It’s a commitment to my health and happiness, for myself and everyone around me.

#3 Yoga…EVERY day

For most of us, the fall schedule gets more structured so all activities must have a good ROI. How I start my day has a huge impact on how the rest of my day goes and how my mind and body are going to manage the challenges of the day. A yoga practice is an excellent ROI because it has benefits for body and mind. It relieves tension, clears the mind and the ocean breathing associated with yoga creates an environment that will serve you tenfold during the day. You don’t need to practice for an hour, even a short 15-minute practice can have a positive impact.

As you learn more about yoga you will begin to see how the breathing, stretching and mindfulness practices can be woven into your day as stress management strategies. You might even have a yoga class offered at your workplace. If that is the case take advantage of that program. Practicing in a group builds a positive culture at your workplace.

These are just three practices that could help your fall unfold with ease. Maybe you know other practices that might work for you I invite you to take the time this week to weave those practices into your calendar.

It’s your one beautiful life. Enjoy!

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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