Soothings sounds

by Alice Dommert
April 30, 2018

I’m writing today as I hear the birds sing and I listen to music. I listen to music most of my waking day. I have an eclectic taste and I am not someone who tracks every artist and their every album or now song. When I hear a song I like, I like it, I find it on Spotify or Pandora and listen to it until if fills the place that opened up on my first listening.

I like pop music and jazz and new age and bluegrass. As I’ve spent more time in silence with my meditation practice I realize what sounds and music feel like to me. Our thoughts and emotions and stories sometime create a subconscious yearning, a feeling, a hunger. I’ve learned not to push those yearnings away and realize they are a yearning to feel.

Much of my life I was a stuffer, not allowing anything that was not “happy Alice” to be seen by the light of day, and certainly not by anyone else. Happy is awesome but it’s only one sound in the universe of possibilities.

I’m no expert on music or how sound really works as it enters our ear drums or as it enters our hearts. I do know that sounds open up in me something bigger to both let some of those things I’ve stuffed inside get out and to let something that feels beautiful flow in. With music I can choose the soundtrack that I want as the background tapestry of my life.

Last week I was at a different location each day delivering Wholebeing Workshops. I am in awe that this is the work I have been called to do, truly humbled by what participants share with me in our short conversations. We were at a law firm this week and a woman shared that what we shared last year had made a significant change in her life. I see tired, tense faces come in and sit down and more relaxed, softer smiles on the same faces as they leave.

I bring my Bose speaker and put on music as the programs begin and end to help ease the transition from their work to our time together. Two different times this week after the program participants asked about the music.

“I know it was the music, I could feel it tingling in my body.” Music can do that. When we settle and get still and soft, it seeps into the places that need that soothing. Music is a beautiful, and simple way, to sooth the mind and body.

The request from one gentleman was to put the music I was playing on the RESOURCE page of our website. Also, I want to give you a few of my favorite albums and artists for your own exploration.

Anugama: Shamanic Dreams This music is like a slow warm heart beat and I have listened to this album so many times I can turn it on in my head when I need to find calm. Very low and slow background music. It is perfect for just getting on the floor for some sweet relaxing stretches at the end of your day.

528hz Release Inner Conflict and Struggle: Anti Anxiety Cleanse Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress (Yes! That is the title.)  by Zen Life Relax

I found this on you tube and then downloaded the whole album from itunes. You can listen to a good portion of it on YouTube and the track that I like most is Ocean Waves of Peace which is about 45 minutes and then there is a mantra track with some nice affirmations that I play when I am driving so I can remain a friendly human when I am driving.

There is some science behind this 528hz that matches with a brain wave and is what makes it feel soothing. I don’t know much more about it than that and I am still learning. It seems to feel like home for me and others.

Sacred Earth: Breathing Space

This is another one that I just love for this mellow flute and underlying rhythms and waves of sound. This one is a little more active and has segments that feel like tiny beautiful birds flittering within the forest of sounds. Here it is on Spotify and on YouTube. Also, if you have Amazon Prime you can listen to it on Amazon Music which is included in your Prime Membership I have just learned.

Also, I am on Spotify as Prasada so you’ll find some more of my playlists there and I’ll keep adding. The soundtrack and movie of life continues, for us all.



Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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