Sitting with pain

by Christopher Coan
May 19, 2015
Mindfulness, Stress, Yoga

A little over two years ago I was hit by an SUV while crossing the street at a green light. I sustained injuries to my body.

Since then I have been going through a lot of healing. I worked with many healers and doctors. Experiencing ups and downs sometimes in a single day or even an hour can be tiring.

As time passes I begin to feel stronger and have less pain. I find this to be a good thing. Then I engage in life and try to experience the joy and play as I did before. I take a hike, go dancing with friends or other fun physical activities. When I try to do this consecutively day after day as I did before without pain, I now experience pain. Pain that is there day and night.

Now the sitting begins. Taking my time, resting long hours, working with my acupuncture and healers are the things that seem to help. Also meditating and practicing gentle asana also helps. My life has been forever changed.

When I let the pain overwhelm me and I push, my life is brought to a halt. When I practice mindfulness, practice yoga, sit in meditation, and take my time living in the moment things begin to change in an amazing way. The healing begins to happen and I begin to enjoy the time in my life more and more.

I’m now able to live in the moment more than I was before. I’m able to enjoy people that are in my life more thoroughly. Nature all around me is more vibrant. The food that I eat is more tasteful. I now live in each moment of my life.

Can you live moment to moment, breath by breath? Enjoy this moment.

Be well… it’s a state of mind.

Christopher Coan

Christopher Coan

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