Cool breeze in the spring

by Christopher Coan
May 12, 2015
Energy, Wellbeing, Yoga

Have you ever noticed how a cool breeze in spring feels? When you are out and about doing what it is you’re doing in your spring day or if it might be just sitting on the porch or in the park.

Cool breeze in the springFor me when spring comes I tend to be more active. I love the free days of spring because that’s when I get out into nature. There are days I’m busy running from one place to the next, digging in the dirt gardening, or being on a hike.

During these times my body temperature begins to rise and I might even break a sweat. Then a cool spring breeze blows my direction. I like to stop and notice how the breeze is blowing, where it is blowing from, and then I notice that I feel refreshed. My energy shifts and I’m energized with a smile on my face.

Just a short time ago in winter when a cool breeze came it stopped me in my tracks. I would turn my back and bundle up to protect myself, or I would hurry to get inside.

Take notice how somethings can have different meanings to us. Realizing that there could be a pleasant side to what we are experiencing is always present. Look for the benefits and enjoy the cool spring breeze.

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Christopher Coan

Christopher Coan

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